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The acoustics division of BridgeNet International has over 15 years experience in noise mitigation, analysis, and reports. Our firm can provide quality, defensible acoustic reports and measurements. The acoustics division has two areas of focus: residential sound insulation programs and building acoustics.


Key Highlights of Our Services:10dB sound analyzer

  • sound wave In-house noise measurement equipment. All equipment is maintained by our acoustic technicians in accordance with ANSI standards.
  • sound wave Quick processing of data. Web based reporting of noise audit results available. Typical turn time for noise audit results is one day.
  • sound wave All staff assigned to the bid/contract are committed to the project; we do not outsource or reassign team members after the bid award.

Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP)
Noise Consulting For Residential | BridgeNet International Aviation Engineer Consultant 2012BridgeNet International, working with prime contractor The Jones Payne Group, is providing acoustical services for the San Diego International Airport’s Quieter Home Program. As the acoustical consultant, BridgeNet works with the Jones Payne Group and QHP staff to conduct pre- and post-mod acoustical testing as well as design review of historic, single-family, and multi-family dwellings. San Diego’s QHP is unique in that a large portion of the homes in the program are classified as historic; some dating to the late 1800’s therefore requiring custom treatments.


Our acoustic division can provide the following services:


  • sound wave Pre and post noise audits
  • sound wave Acoustic recommendations and analysis
  • sound wave Noise measurements
Building Acoustics
The acoustics division has an excellent working relationship with the building industry. We have completed nearly 1,000 noise studies for multi and single family residential, commercial, and industrial projects.


Our acoustic division can provide the following services:


Noise Measurement | BridgeNet International Aviation Engineer Consultant 2012

  • sound wave Exterior and interior noise analyses
  • sound wave Noise control recommendations for common assemblies,
  • plumbing and mechanical
  • sound wave Field inspections
  • sound wave Field sound transmission and impact testing
  • sound wave Noise and vibration measurements