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BridgeNet International provides airspace visualization services to airports, governments, and partner corporations throughout the world. Airspace visualization services encompass BridgeNet’s innovative approach to graphically show what airspace looks like, and how aircraft fly within the confines of assigned airspace. Visualizing what has traditionally been shown in 2D into 3D brings into focus how technology changes can greatly benefit the entire airspace system.


Our airspace visualization services are able to depict aircraft operations in terminal, en route, and transoceanic airspace, all in 3D.


Our core areas of practice in Airspace include:

  • radar wave 3D airspace modeling in any radar environment
  • radar wave New procedure modeling
  • radar wave Multiple airport/regional modeling scenario
  • radar wave Public airport displays of air traffic

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BridgeNet has created hundreds of 3D videos showing existing and future air traffic environments in multiple radar environments. We are pleased to report that presentations at multiple sessions of Congress in 2008 also used the services of BridgeNet, through the FAA, to help illustrate ADS-B technology, its applications and benefits, and its importance within NextGen; just one example of how our airspace services are used. Other examples of airspace environments and procedures we have created videos for include:

  • radar wave GNSS
  • radar wave GBAS
  • radar wave RNAV
  • radar wave ADS-B
  • radar wave OPD
  • radar wave OAPM (San Francisco, NYNJ)