Welcome Seyed Taklimi to BridgeNet International as a Graphic Designer



For more information contact:

Katrina Jensen, VP of Operations / 404-550-5702 / katrinaj@airportnetwork.com





Newport Beach, CA – October 24, 2017  – BridgeNet International continues its strategic growth plan in the expansion of its available customer engagement and outreach medium both on behalf of airports and the FAA which necessitate clear, concise, and visually appealing media in the effective communication of a rapidly changing airspace. We are excited to welcome Seyed Taklimi, an accomplished graphic design professional, to the BridgeNet family. Seyed will be assisting BridgeNet in expanding, development, and distribution of media related products and client interface.


Seyed holds a Bachelors in Graphic Design from California State University Fullerton. Previously, Seyed managed his own successful production company where he cultivated brand identify, matured previously existing products, and developed comprehensive media packages for a variety of clients. Additionally, Seyed served as an advertisement creator for the public broadcasting channel through leadership on website, storyboard, video creation, and editing activities.


“We are excited to have Seyed join the BridgeNet family and look forward to expanding avenues of client and community communication mediums that are essential for a rapidly changing airspace,” said Paul Dunholter, President.


Seyed will be located at the Newport Beach, California office and can be reached at sidt@airportnetwork.com or 949-250-1222.



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