Moving Noise Footprint

Volans’ Noise Footprint Feature offers an immediate and understandable noise exposure visualization without the use of any external data. This Feature will not only benefit noise exposure studies but will also greatly support communication with the general public.

While Aviation delivers positive social and economic benefits, the environmental issue remains, and has resulted in action groups, calling for noise abatement measures. Aware of these concerns, Airports and Government Agencies gather many efforts to introduce new solutions and reach out to communities. To help convey the best message possible, our team created the Noise Footprint Feature, a visual tool, that offers an easier understanding of noise exposure than other complex noise maps. Visualization of a noise footprint will not only come in handy for communication purposes but will also become very useful for single event studies.

Another great application of this tool is using the extended noise footprint option, that will combine the noise footprints of aircraft close enough together; or add up, over time, the accumulated noise from all aircraft flying in a defined area.


Single moving noise footprints


Single moving noise footprints

Combined noise footprints


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