Building Acoustics

BridgeNet offers a wide variety of noise analysis and measurement services.

aircraft We can determine noise barriers and window upgrades needed in order to meet City, County or State noise standards.
aircraft We can also analyze the planned Party Wall and Floor/Ceiling assemblies to help ensure adequate partition noise reduction.
aircraft We provide building inspections to help ensure proper partition construction.
aircraft We perform field testing (STC and IIC) of common partitions to verify compliance with State requirements.
aircraft We perform noise measurements to determine noise levels and impacts from existing noise sources.
aircraft Our services include analysis and mitigation of noise sources such as traffic, railroads, aircraft, air conditioners, music venues and manufacturing facilities.
aircraft We can analyze auditoriums, offices, and other spaces to help ensure an appropriate acoustic environment for speech and music.

Below is a link to a flyer that summarizes many of our capabilites.